Working principle of scrap metal shredder


The scrap iron shredder equipment can shred all kinds of scrap iron materials, and can be equipped with magnetic rollers to separate the mixed scraps of aluminum and iron, which has the advantage of small shredding particle size.


The equipment runs at a low speed, and uses a cutter head to cut and tear the material, with large torque, high output, no noise, and wear resistance.

The working principle of the scrap iron shredder equipment of the shredder manufacturer:

1. Main body: The main body adopts high-quality steel plate welding for stress relief treatment/overall machining to ensure the stability of the equipment under heavy load for a long time.

2. Bearing/sealing: The bearing seat adopts a patented splicing and easy-to-disassemble type, which can quickly remove the moving knife, fixed knife, bearing and other components, easy to maintain and replace the tool, and the unique sealing structure effectively blocks the contact between shredded objects and grease. Handling liquid materials also protects bearings and gears, etc.

3. Moving knife/fixed knife: The moving knife material is made of special alloy tool steel forging blank, precision machining, multiple heat treatment and low temperature freezing heat treatment technology. service life. The fixed knife adopts a patented hook-type installation, which optimizes the tool replacement function and makes the tool maintenance and replacement more efficient.

4. Tool shaft: It is processed and refined with high-strength and heavy-duty special steel, and it is more reasonable to cooperate with the tool to provide powerful power for cutting.