Scrap Aluminum Crushing and Recycling Plant


Like commonly used materials such as steel and copper, recycled aluminum processed by scrap aluminum crushers can be cast into aluminum ingots or aluminum alloys for the same purpose as raw aluminum. They are used to manufacture motorcycle brakes, shock absorbers, handles, etc; Components such as gearboxes, crankshafts, and cylinder heads of automobiles; Home appliances and furniture, such as spare parts and shells of air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines, as well as manufacturing various Machine element and components, such as various fasteners, welding equipment, spare parts of equipment and machine tools, building and daily hardware, etc.


Working principle:

The material is conveyed by a conveyor to a shredder for coarse crushing, which is an ideal equipment for recycling and processing waste aluminum and broken bridge aluminum. Cut the waste bridge material into small pieces through a shredder for easy crushing. Put the material cut from the broken bridge aluminum into a crusher for crushing treatment, and tear the rubber strips and plastic sandwiched in the broken bridge aluminum to a separate state. The mixture of aluminum and rubber strips processed by the shredder is removed with an iron remover to remove magnetic materials such as nails, buckles, handles, screws, etc. After removing iron, the material is subjected to a three-stage screening process through a linear sieve. The screened material is classified according to its diameter and then enters a vortex separator to eject aluminum from the material. Plastic strips fall off the material.


Project Description

Motor power: 30kw-450kw (see parameter table for details)

Production capacity: 0.8T/h-15T/h (see parameter table for details)

Discharge particle size: 20mm-100mm (customized screen according to requirements)

Supporting equipment: waste aluminum crushing and sorting line host, distribution cabinet, motor, workbench, magnetic separator, eddy current separator (optional), shredder (optional), etc.

Applicable materials: bridge cutoff aluminum doors and windows, waste bridge cutoff aluminum door and window materials, aluminum alloys, aluminum profiles, waste Drink can.


Product features:

1. The appearance of the waste aluminum crushing and sorting line is sturdy and durable, and the equipment has strong stability.

2. Meet the market and customer needs, upgrade the process performance of waste aluminum crushing and sorting line equipment, and achieve the reduction of solid waste.

3. The crushing chamber is welded from high-strength steel plates and subjected to heat treatment, resulting in long service life and high strength.

4. The entire machine adopts a pin shaft link, which is convenient for disassembly and replacement. The cutting tool has strong wear and corrosion resistance, long service life, and strong structure. The densely distributed stiffening plate ensures the strength of the box.

5. Equipped with magnetic separation equipment, a strong magnetic drum type sorting machine is used to separate the colored gold and iron metals contained in the material.

6. Reduce noise and dust, achieve good fragmentation, and achieve reliable operation; Configure dust suppression devices to optimize the workshop working environment.