Scrap Metal Shredder

Scrap metal shredder is the most commonly used machine in the metal recycling industry. It is often used to tear various scrap plates, iron buckets, metal shells, etc

Product Features: Wear-resistant material, long service life

Feed Size: 1200-2500(mm)

Capacity: 5-25(t/h)

Material: Aluminum can bundle, steel drum, car shell, color steel tile, etc.

Product Details Of Scrap Metal Shredder:

Introduction of  Scrap Metal Shredder:

Scrap metal shredder is a kind of twin shaft shredder that can tear up various kinds of domestic and industrial scrap metal products. The shredding cutter made of high hardness material can effectively tear up various kinds of iron products. Diversified waste metals such as iron sheets, car casings, and car engines.


Structure of  Scrap Metal Shredder:

The scrap metal shredder is mainly composed of double spindle, blade, screen, box, reducer, hydraulic press, electrical control cabinet, etc.





Product advantages Of Scrap Metal Shredder:

Working principle of Scrap Metal Shredder:

The motor obtains a large torque after the speed reduction of the reducer, drives the two rotors to move in opposite directions. During the movement, the cutter teeth on the rotor bite the material, and pulls the material into the blade to cut and pull each other to achieve the effect of tearing the material.


Applicable materials: all kinds of iron, steel, copper, aluminum and other scrap metal products.


Advantages of Scrap Metal Shredder:

1. The Scrap Metal Shredder with big feed hopper allows to put big material;

2. The shredder machine is controlled by PLC control system; the blade can reverse automatically to protect the machine;

3. The blade is made of special alloy steel through high temperature treatment, durable and long serive life;

4. The knife is made with special alloy steel,through high temperature treatment,it can work for long life time;

5. Blade is very easy to change;

6. The machine is equipped with an extra large pulley to increase the inertia of the crusher, which can save energy and increase the crushing capacity.

Product Parameters Of Scrap Metal Shredder:

ModelPowderkwCapacityt/hBlade NumberInput Opening SizemmWeightt

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