Double Shaft Shredder

Double shaft shredder, also known as shear shredder, is a shredder that reduces the size of materials by shearing, tearing and squeezing.

Product Features: Thickened casing, tough and durable blades

Feed Size: 300-2000(mm)

Capacity: 100-5000(kg/h)

Material: Waste car shells, domestic waste, plastic, metal, wood, waste rubber, packaging barrels, pallets, ton bags, waste plastics and other bulk materials.

Product Details Of Double Shaft Shredder:

Double shaft shredder, also known as car shredder machine, shear shredder, can reduce material size through shearing, tearing, and squeezing, and is widely used for crushing waste plastics, rubber, wood, and other large volume waste. It is suitable for crushing all kinds of scrap metal, wood, plastic, tires, clothing, animal carcasses, garden garbage, medical garbage, household garbage, solid waste, industrial garbage and all kinds of garbage that are difficult to treat.


Structure of Double Shaft Shredder:

1. Crusher main body: it mainly adopts steel plate welding to eliminate stress treatment/overall machining, so as to ensure the stability of the equipment in a long time and heavy load.

2. Bearing/seal: The bearing seat adopts the patented split and removable type, which can quickly remove the moving tool, fixed tool, bearing and other parts, so as to maintain and replace the tool. With its sealing structure, it can effectively block the contact between broken materials and grease, and can also protect bearings and gears when handling liquid materials.

3. Moving knife/fixed knife.

4. Cutter shaft: processed and refined with high-strength and heavy-load steel, which can provide powerful power for cutting with a more reasonable tool.





Product advantages Of Double Shaft Shredder:

Working principle of Double Shaft Shredder:

After the reducer slows down, the motor obtains a large torque and drives the two rotors to move in reverse. During the movement, the blade teeth on the rotor bite the material and pull it into the blade, cutting and pulling each other to achieve the effect of tearing the material.


Applicable materials of Double Shaft shredder:

Various types of waste metals, plastics, frame materials, waste conveyor belts, filing cabinets, oil filters, waste televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, computers, mobile phones, freezers, hazardous waste, medical waste, clothing and leather scraps, large furniture, garden waste, original household waste, building templates, wooden boards, synthetic boards, and other materials.

Large piece waste: waste sofas, mattresses, tables and chairs, furniture, bed frames, wooden cabinets, wooden doors, etc.

Residential household waste (excluding high hardness materials such as iron blocks, stones, ceramics, etc.).

Industrial waste: old clothes, leather, leftover materials from prevention and control products, carpet factory waste fabric, general industrial waste, etc.

Biomass straw: straw, bamboo, wood, corn straw, sorghum straw, legume straw, fruit shell, sugarcane bagasse, palm shell, etc.

Hazardous solid waste: medical waste, paint sludge, radioactive waste, hazardous waste oil drums, ton bags, etc.

Metal waste: scrapped car casings, aluminum alloy die castings, waste household appliances, light and thin metal waste, car wheels, etc.

Document destruction: waste cardboard boxes, cardboard, newspapers, books, documents, brochures, packaging paper, etc.

Paper mill waste: Paper mill light residue, paper mill ropes, paper mill waste, etc.

Garden waste: branches, branches, trunks, bark, planks, wooden blocks, roots, wooden pallets, etc.


Advantages of Double Shaft Shredder:

1. Knife box thickened design, stable quality.

2. The iron frame frame plate is very thick, can withstand high torque, and is very sturdy.

3. Imported high-strength alloy blade material, tough and wear-resistant.

4. Transmission protection structure, five fold protection, and long service life.

5. Moving knife: Made of imported high alloy steel, durable and durable.

6. Fixed blade: Independent disassembly and assembly structure, simple maintenance, and prevention of material entanglement.

7. Spindle: Made of imported high alloy steel, with good mechanical strength and strong impact resistance.

8. Bearing: Self aligning roller bearing, 4-fold sealing, effectively dustproof and waterproof.

9. Knife box: Combined assembly, modular design, each assembly can be removed for maintenance and replacement.

10. Motor: Equipped with branded motor, stable operation and low failure rate.

11. Reducer: Planetary reducer, high torque, strong impact resistance.

12. Electric control: Siemens PLC control system, equipped with automatic control, start, stop, reverse and overload functions.

Product Parameters Of Double Shaft Shredder:

ModelSpindle length (mm)Spindle speed (rpm)Blade Quantity (pcs)Blade diameter (mm)Blade Thickness (mm)Motor power (kw)Inner knife box size (mm)Machine size (mm)Machine weight (kg)Reducer model
Moving knife material: alloy tool steel. Main shaft form: hexagonal shaft. Spacer material: 55SiCr steel. Fixed knife material: 40Cr steel. Main shaft material: 42CrMo steel quenched and tempered by heat treatment.

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