Waste Radiator Recycling Plant


The waste radiator crushing and recycling line refers to the production center that separates the copper, aluminum and iron contained in all kinds of waste radiators after shredding, crushing and sorting. This production line can separate copper and aluminum with a purity of over 98%. This production line can handle various large block radiators (copper and aluminum water tanks) or motor rotors (with shafts) ≤15cm.


Application fieldAll kinds of car water tanks, radiators, copper-aluminum radiators, car radiators, car air-conditioning pipes, air-conditioning pipes, etc.

Feed particle size: 100-1500 (cm)

Discharge granularity: 1-10 (mm)

Motor power: 90-220 (kw)

Production capacity: 0.5-2 (t/h)


Working principle: Put the waste radiator into the shredder first, shred it into strips of 40*300mm, and then enter the vertical metal crusher (or radiator crusher), after crushing, the three kinds of materials contained in the water tank will be shredded Substances, copper, aluminum, and iron are all balled up. Then all the iron is selected by the magnetic separator, and the remaining materials enter the linear vibrating screen, and the materials with uniform particles are screened out, and then enter the specific gravity separator to separate copper and aluminum, and copper and aluminum with a purity of more than 98% can be obtained respectively. The rest of the sieve will re-enter the vertical crusher for crushing. The entire production line is equipped with a dust collector, so there is no hidden danger of dust pollution.


Configuration scheme

Waste radiator crushing and recycling line consists of the following equipment:

1. Belt conveyor: connect the whole line and transport the waste radiator to the crusher.

2. Double-shaft crusher: cut the radiator into 10-20mm length, and the crushed material is transported to the vertical metal crusher by the conveyor belt.

3. Belt conveyor: transport the first crushed material to the vertical metal crusher.

4. Vertical metal crusher: After the 10-20mm material is transported to the crusher, it is shredded into smaller pieces by the crusher.

(4. Radiator Crusher: After the 10-20mm material is transported to the crusher, it is shredded into smaller pieces by the crusher.)

5. Magnetic separator: to separate iron from the crushed mixture, so that copper and aluminum can be easily separated.

6. Specific gravity separator: separate the copper sheet and aluminum sheet according to the difference in specific gravity.



1. Compact structure, beautiful appearance, reasonable layout, easy installation.

2. Fully automatic intelligent control, so that the equipment can feed materials evenly, intelligent operation, easier operation, worry-free, time-saving and labor-saving, and stable operation of the equipment.

3. The crusher is vertical, with low speed, high torque, large output, low noise and easy operation.

4. The rotor of the pulverizer adopts alternate type, which makes the production efficiency of the pulverizer higher, the noise lower and the operation more stable.

5. The sorting rate of sorting equipment is as high as 99%.

6. Bag pulse dust collection equipment effectively controls dust overflow, and the dust removal efficiency is as high as 99%.

Technical parameters:

ModelCapacitykg/hSorting EfficiencyDust removingefficientyPowerkw

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