Single Motor Double Shaft Shredder

Single motor double shaft shredder adopts a motor-driven machine, small floor area, convenient movement and more efficient work.

Product Features: Single drive motor, light weight

Feed Size: 300-1000mm

Capacity: 100-5000(kg/h)

Material: Small industrial waste, household waste, cardboard, waste wood, rubber, plastic, etc.

Product Details Of Single Motor Double Shaft Shredder:

Introduction of Single Motor Double Shaft Shredder:

Double axis shredder (single drive) is a medium to light load shear crusher equipped with a single motor reducer, which drives two sets of cutter shafts to operate simultaneously through a gear speed distribution box. The product is compact in size, but stable, safe, and reliable in operation.


Structure of Single Motor Double Shaft Shredder:

This machine is mainly composed of single motor, single reducer, cutter box, cutter shaft, bearing seat, bracket and othr components.





Product advantages Of Single Motor Double Shaft Shredder:

Working principle of Single Motor Double Shaft Shredder:

By driving the gear dividing box through an electric motor and simultaneously rotating two sets of knife shafts, the material is subjected to compression and shear pressure, thereby achieving the function of tearing the material.


Applicable materials:

Fruit and vegetable kitchen waste, waste paper, cardboard, building formwork, wood boards, synthetic boards, various hard plastics, electronic waste, livestock shapes, waste white household appliances and other materials with different hardness.

Food waste: fruit and vegetable waste, kitchen waste, agricultural vegetable market waste, catering waste, etc.

Residential household waste (excluding high hardness materials such as iron blocks, stones, ceramics, etc.).

Plastic waste: beverage bottles, plastic kettles, plastic buckets, plastic baskets, etc.

Electronic waste: old hard drives, PCB boards, keyboards, mice, mobile phones, CD discs, etc.

Metal waste: iron filings, cans, paint cans, lightweight metal materials, etc.

Medical waste: syringe waste, drug waste, small medical devices, latex material waste, discarded masks, etc.

Document destruction: waste cardboard boxes, cardboard, newspapers, books, documents, brochures, packaging paper, etc.

Industrial waste: old clothes, leather, leftover materials from prevention and control products, carpet factory waste fabric, general industrial waste, etc.


Advantages of Single Motor Double Shaft Shredder:

1. Imported high-strength alloy blade material, with stable quality, toughness and wear resistance.

2. Exclusive knife box design, stable working conditions, and strong load-bearing capacity.

3. Exclusive spline bearing seat allows for quick replacement of the main shaft and more uniform force distribution.

4. The application range is more extensive, and it can tear various hardness materials.

Product Parameters Of Single Motor Double Shaft Shredder:

Rotary knife diameter(mm)300300300350
Number of rotating knives3369
Rotating knife length (mm)300400500600
Number of fixed knives2224
Fixed knife length (mm)300400500600
Knife shaft speed(r/min)570500512576
Motor power(kw)45.57.515
Feed opening(mm)380*200480*250600*250600*300

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