What should I do if the garbage shredder is blocked?


In the past two years, the application of domestic garbage shredders in the market has become more and more extensive, because the domestic garbage shredder equipment has a good shredding ability for various materials.


The household garbage shredder reduces the speed of the rotor through the reducer and increases the torque of the rotor, so as to achieve the shredding ability through the extrusion and shearing of the cutter. Melting and shredding the plastic in the shredding chamber can shred large pieces of materials, with obvious effect, high efficiency and low noise. It is the main domestic waste shredder equipment now and in the future.

Although the domestic garbage shredder is known as a multi-functional garbage shredder equipment, it only means that the domestic garbage shredder has a wide range of shredding, and not all materials are suitable for the shredding of the domestic garbage shredder.

For example, thicker metal blocks, or materials with hard materials, or materials that exceed the size of the materials to be shredded by the household waste shredder are not suitable for shredding with the household waste shredder. The material will cause the domestic waste shredder to jam, and it will also cause serious damage to the domestic waste shredder.

To avoid shredder blockage, the following operations can be used.

1. It cannot exceed the hardness range of the materials shredded by the household garbage shredder;

2. It cannot exceed the range of materials shredded by the domestic garbage shredder.

3. The domestic garbage shredder should be operated strictly according to the rules. For some uncertain and difficult materials, we should do the test work of the domestic garbage shredder in advance, so as to avoid the occurrence of the phenomenon of the domestic garbage shredder being stuck.