Waste Copper Wire Recycling Machine

The copper rice machine is a machine used to smash waste copper wires and separate copper from plastics. Because the separated copper is like rice grains.

Product Features: Compact structure and easy installation

Feed Size: Freely Adjustable

Capacity: 500-1000(kg/h)

Material: Old automobile circuit wires, communication cables, and wire stripping machines are not suitable for processing (various civil wires) waste and miscellaneous materials wires. Wool thin wires, etc.

Product Details Of Waste Copper Wire Recycling Machine:

Introduction of Copper Wire Recycling Machine(Cable recycling granulator machine):

Copper wire recycling machine is a device for processing waste wires. For various wires and cables, household appliance wires, communication wires, computer wires, and other waste wires that are not suitable for processing by wire stripping machines, large and small wires can be broken simultaneously without classification, achieving dry separation and recycling of various waste wires, metals, and plastics.

The dry copper rice machine generally consists of three models: 550, 600, and 800. The 550 model is the latest design by our company, which converts the combination of traditional copper rice machines into an all-in-one machine, making work more convenient and occupying a small area.


Structure of Copper Wire Recycling Machine(Cable recycling granulator machine):

G550: The copper rice machine is mainly composed of an electric control system, an inlet and outlet, a mobile frame, and a crushing device.

G600&G800: This copper rice machine is mainly composed of shredder, power control system, crusher, airflow sorting machine and other components.



This small copper wire recycling equipment is improved by Henan Env-Guard Machinery on the basis of the original copper wire recycling machine. It can recycle 50-80kg of copper wire per hour. It can be operated by only one person without manual waste. It is suitable for various Waste copper wires, such as: household wires, waste mobile phone charging wires, telephone wires, etc.




Product advantages Of Waste Copper Wire Recycling Machine:

Working principle of Copper Wire Recycling Machine:

Under the action of wind, two substances of different densities undergo amplitude motion on a sieve surface with a certain angle, resulting in deflection. This causes the high-density copper wire to move forward against the sieve towards the copper outlet, while the high-density plastic skin floats on top of the copper wire and flows towards the outlet, achieving the purpose of copper plastic separation. The cleanliness rate of separation is proportional to the diameter of a single copper wire. The thicker the diameter of a single copper wire, the cleaner it separates from plastic, and the higher the yield per unit time. However, the finer the diameter of a single copper wire, the worse the separation effect between plastic and copper wire.


Advantages of Copper Wire Recycling Machine:

1. Integrated design, with a smaller footprint. (G550)

2. Support household electricity (single-phase electricity) and can change the voltage.

3. Intelligent control system, saving labor costs

4. The separation effect is good, and the copper plastic separation can reach 99.99%.

5. Equipped with a dust collection device, it works without dust pollution.


Product Parameters Of Waste Copper Wire Recycling Machine:

ModelMotor power(kw)Capacity(kg/h)Weight(kg)Dimensions(mm)

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