Plastic Crusher

Plastic shredder refers to a machine that crushes various types of plastic and rubber, such as plastic profiles, pipes, rods, silk threads, films, and waste rubber products.

Product Features: High-strength wear-resistant material, adjustable tool clearance

Feed Size: 180-1000(mm)

Capacity: 200-4000(kg/h)

Material: Various waste plastic products, rubber products, etc

Product Details Of Plastic Crusher:

Introduction of Plastic Crusher:

Plastic shredder refers to a machine that crushes various types of plastic and rubber, such as plastic profiles, pipes, rods, silk threads, films, and waste rubber products. Granular materials can be directly extruded as production raw materials.


Structure of Plastic Crusher:

The main components in the structure of a plastic crusher include knife rollers, blades, frame, casters (according to the model), feeding hopper, reflection chamber, screen bracket, screen, counterweight wheels, left and right shields, receiving hopper, etc. The control part includes: AC contactor, control button, cut-off device, and safety protection switch. The power structure is available for users to choose from: three-phase AC motor or two-phase AC motor.





Product advantages Of Plastic Crusher:

Working principle of Plastic Crusher:

The main shaft is driven to rotate by an electric motor and a deceleration device, and a fixed blade is installed on the shaft. The material is crushed using the torque generated by the shaft and the cutting ability of the blade, thereby achieving the purpose of crushing. The particles that have undergone primary crushing enter the screening chamber, and the particles that cannot pass the screening re-enter the crushing chamber for secondary crushing. Qualified materials are discharged through the screening screen.


Applicable materials: various waste plastic products, mineral water bottles, PET bottles, engine oil bottles, plastic barrels, large plastic pipes and fittings, large diameter thick wall PE pipes, PE machine head materials, plastic packaging barrels, large bundle packaging plastic films, plastic rolls, plastic crates, plastic trash cans, TV case, computer case, printer case, forklift pallet, plastic card board, plastic waste materials, plastic scraps, etc.


Advantages of Plastic Crusher:

1. High quality and good performance of components; Accurate size, smooth surface, dense internal structure, free from defects and impurities,

2. Good usability; The overall structure of the machine is reasonable, with beautiful and pleasant colors, and high reliability.

3. Production efficiency has been greatly improved, greatly reducing the labor intensity of operators. Improved product development efficiency and quality, and shortened production preparation time.

4. Low consumption, reducing the consumption of raw materials and energy throughout the entire production process.

5. Clean, non polluting production process, ensuring zero or minimal discharge of hazardous waste.

6. Wide range of applicable materials.

Product Parameters Of Plastic Crusher:

ModelPower(Kw)Rotor diameter(mm)Broken caliber(mm)Speed(r/min)Mesh(mm)Weight(kg)

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