Scrap PV Solar Panel Recycling Plant


The main components of photovoltaic modules are aluminum frame, tempered glass, solar cell, EVA encapsulant and back sheet. Among them, the main component of glass is silica, and the secondary components are soda, limestone, magnesia, alumina, Glauber's salt, and carbon. EVA encapsulation glue is mainly ethylene-EVA ethylene copolymer. The core components of solar cells are mainly monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon. . The main material of the frame is aluminum. The backsheet consists of two layers of PVF film and one layer of PET film. More than 90% of the material can be recycled.

Waste photovoltaic solar panel recycling production line refers to a production line that recycles glass, polymer, silicon, copper and other materials after dismantling, crushing and screening waste photovoltaic panels. In principle all of these substances (up to 98%) can be successfully recycled.


Applicable materials: solar photovoltaic panels, photovoltaic modules, solar panels

Machine model: customized according to requirements

Motor power: 102-194 (kw)

Production capacity: 0.3-1 (t/h)



Working principle: The photovoltaic panel recycling production plant first sends the solar photovoltaic panels to be recycled to the centralized processing center. The machining center first disassembles and separates the aluminum parts, which are usually concentrated in the frames of the photovoltaic panels. The second is to process the photovoltaic panels. The main purpose is to separate the glass. Glass partitions can be used to separate monolithic glass from panels at high temperatures. The last is broken. The waste solar photovoltaic panels are first sent to the shredder, and then the fragments are put into the shredder for crushing, and the EVA film and monocrystalline silicon wafer are broken. The silicon is separated by the collector induced draft fan, and the rest of the mixed material will be put into the grinder, and then enter the air separator through the closed air extractor, the positive metal and plastic are collected by the air flow and vibration, while the dust is collected by the air separator.


Product structure

The photovoltaic panel recycling line is mainly composed of aluminum frame dismantling machine, glass dismantling machine, double-shaft shredder, crusher, pulverizer, sorting machine, pulse dust collector and other machines.

Aluminum frame dismantling machine: Photovoltaic panels are sent into the frame dismantling machine through hydraulic suction cups, and the frame is moved through the hydraulic push system.

Glass dismantling machine: Photovoltaic panels pass through the inside of the equipment, and there are two rollers on the inside of the equipment to press the raw materials. The glass is very brittle, so the glass will fall.

Double-shaft shredder: Shred waste photovoltaic panels into chunks of about 50*50mm.

Crusher: Break the block material into particles of about 10*20mm.

Pulverizer: Grind the particles into a powdery mixed metal material below 3mm.

Sorting machine: Gravity sorting machine and electrostatic separator are used. Gravity separator separates metal and scrap metal, and electrostatic separator separates silicon and plastic.

Pulse dust collector: absorb the dust generated during grinding.


1. The machine is easy to operate, the separation process is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, the separation efficiency is good, the cost is low, and it is easy to process on a large scale.

2. Reasonable structural layout, stable performance and low noise.

3. Low failure rate, low maintenance cost and extremely long service life.

4. The dust removal efficiency is good, the dust removal efficiency can reach 99%, and there is no secondary pollution.

Technical Parameters:


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