Waste Paper Dry Pulping Mill


Waste paper dry pulping line is also called dry waste paper pulping system. This system provides a dry pulp production method, including pre-treatment of waste paper, waste paper shredding, dry beating, pulse dust removal, strong magnetic Iron removal, hydraulic packing and other steps. It can effectively recover the paper fiber in the waste paper, which can be reused in papermaking.


Applicable materials: Waste corrugated paper, cardboard, newspapers, waste books, cartons, paper tubes, paper tubes, cardboard, etc.

Finished Material: Pulp Block

Motor power: 22-110 (kw)

Work output: 1-100 (t/h)


Working principle: The waste cardboard is transported to the shredder by the conveyor for shredding, and the iron in the material after being shredded into small pieces is selected by the magnetic separator, and then transported to the waste paper dry pulping machine for processing. Pulp, the finished pulp is transported to the baler by the conveyor for baling. The production line is equipped with dust removal equipment, so there is no paper dust pollution during work.


Product configuration: Waste paper dry pulping system is composed of conveyor, waste paper shredder, magnetic separator, waste paper pulping machine, baler and other machines, among which waste paper pulping machine is mainly composed of frame, shell, joint Shaft, hammer, screen, pulley, motor frame, motor, feeding foil, etc.



1. The structure is simple and the layout is reasonable, and the size of the finished material can be adjusted according to the sieve holes inside.

2. Energy saving and environmental protection, less wearing parts, high production efficiency.

3. Thick and heavy moving knife, high crushing efficiency, the knife is made of alloy steel casting, strong and long service life.

4. PLC automatic control, with start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control functions.