Whole Tire Shredder

The whole tire shredder, also known as the tire shredder, is a machine further developed by Henan Shunzhi Machinery on the basis of the two-axle shredder

Product Features: Strong blade. Add screen

Feed Size: 100-10000mm

Capacity: 1-5(t/h)

Material: All kinds of rubber tyres, automobile tyres, bicycle tyres

Product Details Of Whole Tire Shredder:

Introduction of Whole Tire Shredder:

The tire shredder is an improved product of the dual axle shredder, which can shred various types of rubber tires. It is equipped with a screen cover for better control of the discharge range and is the most commonly used front-end equipment in tire recycling production lines.


Structure of Whole Tire Shredder:

The tire shredder is composed of a dual spindle, blades, screen, box, reducer, hydraulic press, electrical control cabinet, etc.





Product advantages Of Whole Tire Shredder:

Working principle of Whole Tire Shredder:

The motor obtains a large torque after the speed reduction of the reducer, drives the two rotors to move in opposite directions. During the movement, the cutter teeth on the rotor bite the material and drag the material into the blade to cut and pull each other. The shredded material is screened through the screening cover. The unqualified material is rotated by the screening cover for one week and then put into the case again for shredding.


Applicable materials: various rubber tires of different specifications and models, such as car tires, bicycle tires, truck tires, and engineering tires.


Advantages of Whole Tire Shredder:

1. Knife box thickened design, stable quality.

2. The iron frame frame plate is very thick, can withstand high torque, and is very sturdy.

3. Imported high-strength alloy blade material, tough and wear-resistant.

4. Transmission protection structure, five fold protection, and long service life.

5. Moving knife: Made of imported high alloy steel, durable and durable.

6. Fixed blade: Independent disassembly and assembly structure, simple maintenance, and prevention of material entanglement.

7. Spindle: Made of imported high alloy steel, with good mechanical strength and strong impact resistance.

8. Bearing: Self aligning roller bearing, 4-fold sealing, effectively dustproof and waterproof.

9. Knife box: Combined assembly, modular design, each assembly can be removed for maintenance and replacement.

10. Motor: Equipped with branded motor, stable operation and low failure rate.

11. Reducer: Planetary reducer, high torque, strong impact resistance.

12. Electric control: Siemens PLC control system, equipped with automatic control, start, stop, reverse and overload functions.

Product Parameters Of Whole Tire Shredder:

ModelMotor power(kw)Capacity(t/h)Output Size(mm)Weight(t)

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