Aluminum Plastic Crushing and Sorting Plant


Aluminum-plastic crushing and sorting line refers to the production line that crushes, sorts and recycles aluminum-plastic composite panels, aluminum-plastic ceilings, aluminum-plastic decorative panel scraps, aluminum-plastic scraps in the production process of aluminum-plastic panels, punching materials and other waste.


Feed particle size: 100-1500 (cm)

Discharge particle size: ≤40 (mm)

Motor power: 58-138 (kw)

Crushing output: 0.3-1 (t/h)

Application fieldAluminum-plastic plate, waste plastic aluminum, toothpaste tube, pharmaceutical blister packaging, pharmaceutical capsule board, pharmaceutical blister foil, aluminum-plastic plate, various aluminum plates, waste aluminum-plastic food bags, milk bags, yogurt aluminum foil sealing caps, bottle neck aluminum foil caps , Aseptic aluminum foil cover waste, circuit boards, aluminum-plastic panels, aluminum-plastic panels, aluminum-plastic tubes, aluminum-plastic panels, aluminum-plastic panel scraps and debris, etc.


Working principle: The waste aluminum-plastic crushing and sorting line adopts physical crushing and electrostatic separation to separate aluminum and plastic. First, the waste aluminum-plastic board is broken into flake materials below 10 mm by a knife crusher, and then enters into high-speed water-cooled vortex rollers. The brittle chips are refined into aluminum-plastic mixture by the type crusher, and the required materials are filtered by the vibrating screen to separate the aluminum-plastic by the principle of the electrostatic separator, and the unqualified materials are returned to the mill for further grinding.


Product configuration: 

The waste aluminum-plastic crushing and sorting line is mainly composed of crushers, pulverizers, rotary vibrating screens, electrostatic separators, dust collectors and other hosts.

1. Shredding/crushing, shredding and crushing is the pretreatment of raw materials, cutting them into small pieces. For different types of raw materials, there may be different requirements for the use of shredders or crushers. If the raw material is a large and thick aluminum-plastic composite board with a large processing capacity, it is better to use a shredder instead of a crusher. But for medical blister and aluminum-plastic film, usually a crusher is enough.

2. Grinding: After the material is crushed, it needs to be ground into smaller particles or powders in order to be fully separated.

3. Rotary vibrating sieve. The materials may still have different particle sizes after crushing. In order to make them have a higher separation rate, the rotary vibrating screen is used to control the particle size of the materials from the pulverizer. If the particle size of the material is larger than the limit, return to the grinder and grind again. If the material size is smaller than the limit, it enters the electrostatic separator for separation.

4. Electrostatic separation, because the ground material is already a very fine powder, so there is no need for a wind separator for primary separation, and an electrostatic separator can be used directly.

5. Dust removal, because aluminum-plastic composite materials need to be crushed and ground into powdery materials, there may be floating dust flying, which requires a dust collector to remove dust.



1. The equipment adopts complete dry physical separation, which will not cause secondary environmental pollution.

2. The highest separation purity can reach more than 99.9%.

3. PCL control system, high degree of automation, simple operation, stable performance, minimum number of users and low staffing level.

4. Low power consumption, low noise, small footprint, wide range of sorting materials, and fast sorting speed.

5. The fully enclosed system is equipped with a pulse dust collector to ensure no dust flying.

Technical parameters:

YWD-APS 300200-300628
YWD-APS 500400-5009813
YWD-APS 1000600-100017020

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