Shredder maintenance and repair


As an environmentally friendly recycling equipment, the shredder may encounter various problems during work, so it is necessary to pay attention to repair and maintenance from time to time. Check as follows.


1. Always check the connecting bolts, especially the square head bolts that fix the toothed tooth plate, to prevent loosening.

2. Lubricate each bearing, large and small gears and special-shaped gears 1-2 times per shift to ensure sufficient lubricating oil inside the bearing and reduce excessive disassembly and damage of sleeves and gears.

3. The feeding particle size should not exceed the specified size, and the feeding should be continuous and uniform to prevent material blocking.

4. Always check the temperature of the spare bearing. The temperature rise of the bearing bush should not exceed the room temperature of 25-30C.

5. The bearing slideway of the moving roller should be cleaned frequently to remove dust and miscellaneous materials, so as to prevent the material from entering the moving roller and cannot move and cause accidents.

6. In the event of a sudden power failure, the power supply of the motor must be disconnected first to prevent accidents caused by sudden power calls. Then take out the unshredded material in the shredder to prevent the shredder from cutting off the safety pin due to excessive load when the shredder is started.

7. Pay attention to observe the working condition of the safety pin at any time, and immediately cut off the power supply after the safety pin is cut off to prevent the large pulley from idling on the sleeve for too long, which may cause excessive wear on its mating surface and even cause shaft holding and other accidents.

8. The operator must strictly implement the safety technical operation rules, prevent the phenomenon of random operation, and prevent the occurrence of personal and equipment accidents.