Steel Wire Separator

The steel wire separator is an important equipment for separating and crushing the rubber wire from the rubber block broken by the whole tire crusher.

Product Features: Stable and efficient operation with low vibration

Feed Size: 400-1200(mm)

Capacity: 300-1800(kg/h)

Material: Wire separation of various rubber tires

Product Details Of Steel Wire Separator:

Introduction of Steel Wire Separator:

Steel wire separator, also known as tire steel wire separator and rubber block steel wire crusher, is mainly used for the crushing and separation of waste tires and rubber coated metal products. It can effectively separate rubber and steel wire. It can crush the pre treated waste tire rubber blocks (50-80mm) into 16-30mm particles, and separate the steel wire and some fibers from the rubber during the crushing process. Compared to traditional crushers, steel wire separators greatly improve the efficiency of recycling waste tires, and the separated materials are cleaner, which is more conducive to the next recycling process.


Structure of Steel Wire Separator:

The tire steel wire separator is composed of an electric motor, a reducer, a rotating knife roller, a box, a frame, a screen, a hydraulic auxiliary mechanism, etc.





Product advantages Of Steel Wire Separator:

Working principle of Steel Wire Separator:

By rotating the file on the knife roller and the file on the box, the rubber block is torn and sheared to a smaller particle size through the shear and crushing effect on the rubber block. Meanwhile, during the process of crushing the rubber block, the steel wire and some fibers are screened and separated from the rubber. The bottom of the steel wire separator is equipped with a sieve, and materials smaller than the sieve hole fall through the sieve; The material larger than the sieve mesh hole will continue to remain in the crushing chamber and be recycled and crushed again until it falls out below the sieve mesh hole.


Advantages of Steel Wire Separator:

1. Adopting a reducer to drive the knife roller, ensuring smooth operation and low vibration.

2. Wearable parts are made of wear-resistant steel plates to improve overall wear resistance and effectively reduce equipment maintenance cycles and costs.

3. The cutting tools can be independently disassembled and installed, with short time and fast replacement; The fixed knife can be repaired and used multiple times, with strong interchangeability and long service life.

4. The upper and lower chassis are connected in an articulated manner, which can be opened or closed hydraulically to facilitate the maintenance and repair of the knife rollers.

5. The box is processed as a whole by a high-precision CNC machining center, ensuring that the equipment can operate smoothly under high load for a long time.

6. The spindle is made of high-strength alloy steel, with overall quenching and tempering treatment to ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment.

7. The blade gap can be adjusted according to the type and thickness of the material, in order to achieve better crushing effect.

8. The screen is hydraulically driven to open or close, allowing for quick replacement and maintenance.

Product Parameters Of Steel Wire Separator:

ModelPowerkwCapacitykg/hMesh SizemmFeed Opening SizemmDimensionsmmWeightt
YWD-GSF 60030300Φ16600*4002700*900*25002
YWD-GSF 80055600Φ16850*4003100*1000*26003
YWD-GSF 1000751000-1200Φ161000*5523500*1100*25004.5
YWD-GSF 1200901500-1800Φ161200*6004000*2500*40005.5

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