Tire Wire Drawing Machine

Tire wire drawing machine is a type of tire recycling equipment typically used to remove steel wires from the sidewalls of tires.

Product Features: Semi-automatic control, convenient operation

Feed Size: ≤1200(mm)

Capacity: 20-40(pcs/h)

Material: Various rubber steel wire tyres

Product Details Of Tire Wire Drawing Machine:

Introduction of Tire Wire Drawing Machine:

Tire wire drawing machine is a device that directly pulls out the steel wire at the rim of the entire tire, pulling the steel wire from the tire bead so that the tire can be directly shredded by the shredder in the next process. It can protect the shredder knives, extend their service life, and improve the work efficiency of the shredder.


Structure of Tire Wire Drawing Machine:

The wire drawing machine is mainly composed of components such as motor, hydraulic system, hook, mouth, and body.





Product advantages Of Tire Wire Drawing Machine:

Working principle of Tire Wire Drawing Machine:

The hydraulic system and oil cylinder are driven by an electric motor, and the hook is connected to the oil cylinder rod. Due to the movement of the oil pump and oil cylinder, the hook moves back and forth. Place the tire in the pull tab, extend the pull hook out of the pull tab, hook onto the inner steel wire of the tire, and then activate the button. Due to the strong pulling force of the oil cylinder, the entire steel wire is pulled out, while the rubber on the tire side is torn due to the pull opening. Thus achieving the goal of smooth separation.


Advantages of Tire Wire Drawing Machine:

1. The hydraulic station, oil cylinder, electric control cabinet and other components are all fixed on the frame, making the overall structure of the equipment simple, beautiful in appearance, small in footprint, and easy to transport and install.

2. The use of a dual vane pump for oil supply not only reduces the operating noise of the equipment, but also increases the efficiency of the equipment and the service life of the control valve by maintaining the original speed of the wire drawing cylinder during the operation of the wire pressing cylinder.

3. Adopting double hook wire drawing reduces the time for replacing the pulling mechanism and baffle when pulling tires of different specifications.

When the wire drawing hook at either working end is reset, the wire drawing hook at the other end starts working, so that the wire drawing cylinder will not do idle work during the working process and reduce energy consumption.

5. The oil cylinder does not have a rodless cavity, which improves the operating speed of the oil cylinder and reduces the time required for wire drawing.

6. Using the inner positioning of the guide rail to ensure reliable operation of the inductive sensor, high positioning accuracy of the hook, and stable operation of the wire drawing cylinder.

Product Parameters Of Tire Wire Drawing Machine:

ModelCapacityPcs/hMax.Tire DiametermmPowerkwWeightt

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