Paper and Plastic Separation and Recycling Plant


Waste paper and plastic separation and recycling line refers to a production line that separates plastic or aluminum in waste paper from paper and recycles them to the maximum extent. It is generally used to process various paper-plastic composite materials, such as coated paper, kraft paper bags, Tetra Pak, Combibloc, and paper-plastic composite woven bags.


Processing capacity: 0.5-5 (t/h)

Finished products: paper, plastic

Motor power: 55-132 (kw)

Application fieldPaper-plastic composite materials, such as coated paper, kraft paper bags, Tetra Pak, Combibloc, paper-plastic composite woven bags.


Working principle: After the paper-plastic waste is separated by the paper-plastic separator, it is transported to the pulp filter to filter out paper residue and other substances. The separated pulp enters the pulp dehydrator for dehydration, and the dehydrated paper residue is filtered by the pulp filter press to obtain qualified discharge.

Paper-plastic separator: the motor drives the main shaft to rotate at high speed, and the main shaft blade drives the material to move from the feed end to the discharge end, thereby crushing waste paper

Pulp filter: remove light and heavy debris, decompose small pieces of paper in the fiber, do not block the sieve plate, and hard debris does not damage the sieve plate. It is used for the separation of high-concentration pulp after fiber separator and pressure screen: the pulp after processing and sorting is directly returned to the pulp pool before the red dimension separator or pressure screen for reuse.

Pulp dehydrator: The particles rotate with the drum to a certain height, are thrown down under the action of gravity, and are filtered through the screen to form a screen. The drum screen is driven by the shaft. The screen mesh is steel wire braided mesh or high tenacity nylon braided mesh. The size of the sieve hole can be configured according to the process requirements.

Pulp filter press: use the motor to drive the main shaft to drive the polyester blanket. The pulp is pumped to the filter press and flows evenly onto the polyester felt. After being driven by the polyester blanket, it is squeezed between two layers of polyester blankets, and then squeezed and compacted by multiple silver presses to make cardboard for secondary use. The filtered clean water can be pumped back with a water pump for recycling.


Configuration schemePaper and plastic recycling plant is generally composed of paper and aluminum separator, pulp filter, pulp dehydrator and pulp filter press.



1. Most paper-plastic composite materials can be recycled.

2. High recovery efficiency and good secondary utilization effect.

3. Fully automatic control system, automatic work.

4. The machine can be selected according to the raw material.

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