Horizontal Metal Crusher

Metal crusher, also called scrap steel and scrap iron crusher, is a machine used to crush scrap metal materials.

Product Features: High alloy blade, solid and durable

Feed Size: 1000-8000(mm)

Capacity: 2-60(t/h)

Material: Scrap metal plate, scrap motor, scrap steel, automobile shell, rotor shell, etc

Product Details Of Horizontal Metal Crusher:

Introduction of Horizontal Metal Crusher:

A industrial blue scrap metal recycling machine,hammer mill ferrous metal shredder crusher is a machine used to shred scrap metal materials. Depending on the material, it can also be called scrap iron crusher, can crusher, scrap steel crusher, paint bucket crusher, etc. If the metal crusher is equipped with qualified production line equipment, then it is a perfect set of metal crusher production line equipment.


Structure of Horizontal Metal Crusher:

In the internal structure of the metal crusher, the whole main machine is mainly composed of: main machine box, bracket, feeding part, main shaft, turntable, hammer head, liner, screen, hob, pin shaft, gland and other parts. The liner and screen are fixed inside the main body to form a wear-resistant closed machine chamber, and the main shaft drives the hammer in the internal closed mechanism to impact and break.





Product advantages Of Horizontal Metal Crusher:

Working principle of Horizontal Metal Crusher:

The basic principle of a metal crusher that uses a motor to drive a wind wheel for extrusion is the core principle of using a hammer to strike. The feed port is equipped with a filter conveyor belt. The hammer head on the main rotor is driven by the high-speed and high-torque motor, alternately impacting the material to be crushed into the cavity, and tearing the material to be crushed into qualified pieces through the space formed between the bushing and the hammer head Broken material.


Applicable materials: Used for crushing various metal raw materials such as scrap iron, scrap steel, scrap iron drums, colored steel tiles, household appliances, scrap bicycles, thin iron sheets, raw aluminum aluminum alloys, and cans.


Advantages of Horizontal Metal Crusher:

1. The metal crusher blade is a mesh blade refined from high alloy, which has a good crusher effect on any material with high hardness.

2. The reduction motor drive of the metal crusher saves 20% of the power than other can crusher.

3. The metal crusher starts smoothly without too much noise, and is installed with foundation, so the noise is very small.

4. The metal crusher has a strong structure and a dense stiffening plate to ensure the strength of the box.

5. The omni-directional control button makes it easier for you to control, and only one person is needed for the whole crushing process.

6. Conveyor belt feeding equipment can be configured, and various auxiliary machines can be freely matched.

Product Parameters Of Horizontal Metal Crusher:

ModelPowerkwCapacitykg/hArea covered(㎡)Dimensionmm

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