PCB Components Dismantling Machine

The inner cylinder of the fully automatic circuit board disassembler is made of thickened steel plate, which is an indispensable and ideal tool for the electronic circuit board recycling industry.

Product Features: Automatic temperature control, easy to operate

Feed Size: Customer customization

Capacity: 200-500(kg/h)

Material: Various waste circuit boards, such as waste computer boards, mobile phone boards, household circuit boards, etc.

Product Details Of PCB Components Dismantling Machine:

Introduction of PCB Components Dismantling Machine:

The PCB electronic component dismantling machine is used to disassemble the circuit board into two parts: the motherboard and the electronic components. Electronic circuit boards and other electronic components contain large amounts of precious metals. Use this machine to effectively and cleanly separate all ferrous and precious metals, and obtain high-value metals such as copper, aluminum, tin, gold, silver, platinum, etc.


Structure of PCB Components Dismantling Machine:

PCB electronic component dismantling machine: consists of tin removal furnace, automatic dismantling machine, automatic dust extraction and dust collection system, conveying platform, dismantling room, electric control part.





Product advantages Of PCB Components Dismantling Machine:

Working principle of PCB Components Dismantling Machine:

The PCB dismantling machine can be powered by natural gas or electricity. The drum part can be heated up to 400 degrees. With the operation of the host, the tin on the circuit board will melt, and the electronic components (card slots, capacitors, chips, etc.) will fall off the circuit board.


Heating and removing electronic components creates a lot of exhaust fumes. These waste gases are harmful, poisonous, and carcinogenic, and if they are not properly treated before being discharged, they will cause secondary pollution. The main dismantling machine is equipped with an activated carbon adsorption device and an exhaust fan, and is connected to the spraying facility for dust removal and cooling, and VOCs are treated with photocatalytic equipment. UV photooxidation catalyzes high-energy and high-ozone ultraviolet light beams to irradiate waste gas, crack the molecular chain structure of industrial waste gas, and degrade the molecular chains of organic or inorganic macromolecular odor compounds into low-molecular compounds under the irradiation of high-energy ultraviolet light beams. The exhaust gas treatment system is equipped with frequency conversion speed regulator. The treated clean air enters the exhaust system through the exhaust fan.

Advantages of PCB Components Dismantling Machine:

1. Safe and reliable, stable performance.

2. Adopt automatic heating device with automatic temperature control, forced air supply and self-ignition control after flameout, and set automatic memory storage for each temperature.

3. Easy to operate, labor saving, no harm to workers.

4. The inner tank is made of 6mm thick No. 45 anti-skid steel plate, and the outer wall is insulated with insulating cotton to prevent temperature loss and the corresponding production process.

Product Parameters Of PCB Components Dismantling Machine:

Modeltemperature(°C)Rotating speed(r/min)Power(kw)Dimensions(mm)Weight(kg)Capacity(kg/h)

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