Vertical Metal Hammer Mill Shredder

The vertical metal crusher is a new type of metal crusher that has been upgraded from the original metal crusher.

Product Features: Upper hammer structure, lower self-rotating rotary hob

Feed Size: 100-5000(mm)

Capacity: 0.8-3(t/h)

Material: Waste metal, aluminum, car shell, cans, etc

Product Details Of Vertical Metal Hammer Mill Shredder:

Introduction of vertical metal hammer mill shredder:

The vertical metal shredder is mainly used for the recovery of metal materials with thinner thickness and lower strength or non-metallic brittle substances. It performs secondary treatment on the metal pre-shredded by the twin-shaft shredder, and will bond it to the metal surface. Clean other materials, and separate metals of different materials from each other, so that other equipment (such as magnetic separators, eddy current separators) can be sorted.


Structure of vertical metal hammer mill shredder:

The vertical metal crusher is mainly composed of a transmission device, a crushing chamber, a discharge scraper device and other components. The crushing device uses a hammer head and a hob to crush materials.




Product advantages Of Vertical Metal Hammer Mill Shredder:

Working principle of vertical metal hammer mill shredder:

The hammer head on the top of the box crushes the material so that the material enters the crushed material space between the hob and the wear-resistant liner of the box; after rolling and grinding by the hob, the metal surface is effectively cleaned and different materials can be peeled off. After the metal is rolled to a certain size (50-80mm), it enters the discharge bin through the gap between the bottom hob and the box body and is discharged by the scraping device.


Applicable materials: Waste materials such as car shells, refrigerator shells, computer cases, etc.


Advantages of vertical metal hammer mill shredder:

1. Ultra-high strength welded box.

2. CNC overall machining of the vertical split box, which is convenient for equipment maintenance.

3. The hammer head, hob and box liner are made of high-toughness wear-resistant steel castings, which can be replaced and have a long service life.

4. High service factor bearings reduce the probability of bearing damage due to improper use.

5. The output size can be adjusted.

6. The standard hydraulic coupling protects the transmission parts.

7. Independent control electric box, Siemens PLC.

8. The whole system complies with CE safety standards.

Product Parameters Of Vertical Metal Hammer Mill Shredder:

ModelCapacity(kg/h)Power(kw)Spindle Speed(rpm)Rotating Diameter(mm)Number of Hammers(pcs)Unit weight of Hammer Head(kg)Number of Hobs(pcs)Unit Weight of Hob(kg)Kicking DevicePower of Hydraulic Station(kw)Weight(t)Dimension(mm)
YWDJSP-L1000800-10002*7565010002203640Active type2.291200x1200x3000
YWDJSP-L12001500-20002*9065015004253640Active type2.2121500x1500x3200
YWDJSP-L15002000-30002*13267215002303642Active type2.2181800x1800x3500

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