Copper Wire Recycling Plant


Copper wire recycling machine is a kind of machinery used for recycling waste copper wire and cable to obtain copper particles and plastic particles.All kinds of copper wire raw materials will be separated into tiny copper meters and PVC. The diameter of the wire can be applied from 0.3 mm to 20 mm, such as automobile wire, automobile bottom wire, motorcycle wire, computer wire and communication cable.


Application fieldUsed automobile circuit wires, communication cables, various civil wires, waste materials wires, wool wires, etc.Separation efficiency: 99.9%

Discharge particle size: 0.1-10 (mm)

Motor power: 18.5-45 (kW)

Production capacity: 100-1500 (kg/h)


Working principle: Under the action of wind, two substances with different densities undergo amplitude motion on a sieve surface with a certain angle, causing the denser copper wire to move forward against the sieve towards the copper outlet. The denser plastic skin floats on top of the copper wire and flows towards the outlet, thus achieving the purpose of copper plastic separation. The cleanliness rate of separation is proportional to the diameter of a single copper wire. The thicker the diameter of a single copper wire, the cleaner it separates from plastic, and the higher the yield per unit time. However, the finer the diameter of a single copper wire, the worse the separation effect between plastic and copper wire.


Configuration scheme

Configuration plan: The copper wire recycling machine is a combination machine that is integrated on a platform with a crusher, feed conveyor, specific gravity air separator, and dust collector. (Alternatively, a 550 single machine can be used for crushing and recycling. If you want a more outstanding separation effect, you can install water screening equipment or use a wet copper wire recycling machine)



1. Compact structure, beautiful appearance, reasonable layout and convenient installation.

2. Intelligent operation makes the operation easier, saves time and effort, and ensures the stable operation of the equipment to the greatest extent.

3. The crusher adopts drum type, with low speed, large torque, large output, low noise and simple operation.

4. The combination of pulverizer, sorting equipment and dust collection equipment with the platform makes the equipment easy to move and transport, and increases the flexibility of the equipment.

5. The pulverizer rotor adopts alternate cutter shaft, which makes the production efficiency of the pulverizer higher, the noise lower and the operation more stable.

6. The separation rate of air separation equipment is up to 97~99%.

7. The reflux system makes the semi-finished products undergo secondary crushing to ensure the complete separation of metal and non-metal.

8. Bag-type dust collector can effectively control dust overflow, and the dust removal efficiency is up to 99.99%.

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