Double Roller Rubber Crusher

The rubber crusher is a device for further crushing and grinding the coarsely crushed tire rubber block.

Product Features: Overload protection device, safe and reliable

Feed Size: <500(mm)

Capacity: 1000-4000(kg/h)

Material: Inner tube, outer tube, water ring, sole, gasket, rubber factory corner material, sealing strip, conveyor belt, etc. for bicycles, tractors, and automobiles.

Product Details Of Double Roller Rubber Crusher:

Introduction of Double Roller Rubber Crusher:

The roller type rubber breaker is a device that further crushes and grinds the roughly crushed tire rubber blocks. It has the function of finely crushing and separating steel wires and rubber. The discharge particles can reach 10 to 30 mesh at a time, and after screening, transportation, and magnetic separation, it can reach about 99% of pure rubber particles and powder.


Structure of Double Roller Rubber Crusher:

The roll breaking machine mainly consists of a base (casting/welding), a frame, a roller cylinder (one groove, one roll), a transmission gear, a lubrication device, a heating and cooling device, a roller pitch adjustment device, a safety braking device, an electric motor, a reducer, and other components.





Product advantages Of Double Roller Rubber Crusher:

Working principle of Double Roller Rubber Crusher:

During operation, the material enters the breaker through the feeding port, and the front and rear rollers are driven by electric motors and deceleration devices. At a certain speed ratio, they rotate in opposite directions to break the material into a certain number of rubber particles or powder.


Advantages of Double Roller Rubber Crusher:

1. Both rollers are grooved, saving energy and improving work efficiency.

2. The roller is made of high wear-resistant material, with a long service life. After long-term use, the double rollers only need to be welded and polished for repair, without the need for replacement.

3. The bearings are made of wear-resistant materials and are not easily damaged.

4. The roller speed ratio is 1:2.5, with low friction.

5. Adopting integral or split base for easy installation.

Product Parameters Of Double Roller Rubber Crusher:

ModelPower(kw)Weight(t)Roll diameter length(mm)Front roller linear speed ratio(m/min)Speed ratio(mm)Dimension(mm)

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