Env-Guard Machinery provides installation video for free


As the waste recycling industry and the recycling industry are gradually heating up, the metal shredder, as an important equipment in the recycling and recycling industry, has attracted many users to invest. Env-Guard Machinery can provide customers with free remote installation guidance and demonstration videos.


1. After the metal shredder is bought back, it should be fixed with cement. If you buy a movable metal shredder, it does not need to be fixed.

2. When the metal shredder is working, it is necessary to ensure that the feeding material is uniform, and before feeding, it is necessary to check whether there are hard objects such as stones and iron nails mixed in the material, so as to prevent these things from mixing into the shredder and tearing the metal. shredder damage.

3. Users need to pay attention not to wear gloves to feed materials, nor to take long dry items to feed into the machine, so as to avoid accidents.

4. When the metal shredder is found to have noise during processing, and the temperature of the bearing and the body is too high, it should be stopped for inspection and troubleshooting. After the metal shredder has been running for a period of time, pay attention to changing the oil, and pay attention to the regular maintenance of the metal shredder. Maintenance and Warranty.