Env-Guard's single shaft shredder structure


The new single-shaft shredder produced by Env-Guard Machinery not only has larger output, but also has high shredding efficiency and greatly reduces maintenance costs.


  1. Rotor

        (1) V-shaped moving knife arrangement - efficient shredding + large shear force, high output;

        (2) DC53 material heat treatment movable knife - how many times the angle can be changed;

        (3) Adjustable fixed knife - high wear resistance by adjusting the gap between the moving knives;

        (4) The rotor can be surfacing wear-resistant layer - suitable for processing sandy materials or glass fiber and other materials.

2. Screen

        (1) Quickly replaceable screen (12-100mm) - used to control particle size;

        (2) The screen bracket is equipped with a safety switch - to prevent the rotor from running when the bracket is opened;

        (3) The screen bracket has a cylinder opening - set on V800 and larger models, which is convenient for maintenance;

        (4) Specially designed screens - screens of various structures can be selected according to the type of material.

3. Bearing

        (1) High-strength, high-usage system bearing - independently set outside the box to prevent debris from entering the bearing;

        (2) Integral processing of bearing seat - to ensure installation accuracy and prolong bearing life;

        (3) Cooling device - when dealing with low melting point materials, a water cooling device that penetrates the rotor through the bearing seat can be selected.

4. Hydraulic station

        (1) Two-speed hydraulic system - the pusher box retreats at a high speed, which greatly shortens the retreat time and maximizes the output;

        (2) Air cooling device - maintain the oil temperature of the hydraulic system to meet the needs of continuous production;

        (3) Fully sealed cover plate - From a safety point of view, a fully sealed cover plate can be selected when dealing with materials such as wood.

5. Electric control cabinet

        (1) Independent electric control cabinet - Siemens PLC control system, electrical components;

        (2) Manual/automatic switching system for easy cleaning and maintenance;

        (3) Intelligent control system - the rotor automatically reverses when it is overloaded, and the equipment runs automatically when it is short of material.