The difference between plastic shredder and metal shredder


The difference between the plastic shredder and the metal shredder is mainly the difference in the processing materials and the corresponding shredding tools.


The plastic shredder can be used to shred PVC pipes and other materials. It can be said that the plastic shredder has the ability to regenerate PVC pipes. PVC material is a useful material, then we use a shredder to shred it. Then, after deep processing, it is re-made into PVC pipes or other materials, so that these materials can be reused, and the value is much higher than the original garbage. It is a good investment direction to invest in plastic shredder equipment with low cost, high profit and quick return.

The metal shredder is mainly composed of a shredding blade group, a carrying box, a box bracket, a feeding system, a power system, and an electrical control system. It is mainly used to shred light and thin metals with a certain strength, increase its bulk density for easy transportation and reuse. Shredding objects such as metal barrels, refrigerators, cars, scrap steel, steel furniture, etc.

The working principle of the metal shredder: the material enters the shredding box through the feeding system, and the box carries the shredding blade. The material is discharged from the lower part of the box.