Env-Guard Shredder Safe Operation Regulations


The shredder, like other shredding equipment, must have certain operating specifications. The following is the safe operation of the shredder. Are you operating correctly?


1. Before the shredder is started, it should be idling first to make sure that there is no fault and then unloading.

2. During the working process of the shredder, pay attention to the motor, sound, bearing temperature, etc.

3. The feeding staff should stand beside the shredder, their clothes should be tied tightly, and they should wear masks, gloves, and work gloves.

4. When feeding the material, the same material is used. Due to the difference in hardness, sometimes the working speed of the shredder is uneven.

5. When the shredder is working, do not clean up, add lubricating oil, and discharge faults.

6. If the following problems are found, the engine should be shut down in time, and the machine should be stopped for processing.

(1) The motor emits smoke.

(2) The quality of shredding is poor.

(3) The shredder is blocked or stuck.

(4) The bearing temperature is too high, higher than 60 degrees Celsius.

 The shredder is praised by people for its powerful shredding ability, so we must operate the shredder according to the correct operating regulations when operating the shredder.